The launch of the XK Community

The XK Logo
The XK community now has its own social networking site! Kinesiologists Unlimited is an online community for anyone who is practicing, learning, or just interested in XK. Everyone is welcome!

While Kinesiologists United is still the network for the kinesiology community as a whole, Kinesiologists Unlimited is specifically tailored for XK practitioners. Use it to connect with people who are interested in using the principles of XK to assist people in transforming their lives. You can get help with questions, and help others with theirs. Kinesiologists Unlimited is the place to post your questions about the XK Training Videos. Some of the questions posted there will be answered here as well.

2 thoughts on “The launch of the XK Community

  1. I’m confused too. Sometimes youtube puts adds on videos, but the video is supposed to follow the ad. What page were you on when you saw the clip?
    Try these direct links:

    Please let me know if they work or not. Thanks!

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