“Stay-at-home Mom” Reviews XK Kinesiology Videos

Renee Musolf rated The Way of XK Video Training DVD’s 5 out of 5 Stars at Amazon.com

Here’s her review:

Wow.  This DVD seminar is excellent. I attended one of Dr. Gustafson’s seminars many years ago and am so thankful that he has come out with a DVD to reference to.  I am not  a doctor nor a practicing kinesiologist – I am a stay at home mother who is looking for ways to make life happier and healthier for my family and I have found it. This is a wonderful set that lets you reference ideas and concepts over and over again – until you can understand them and relate them to your own life at your own pace.  The information that is covered is so, so amazing and yet most of it is common sense – you just need to think of things a little bit differently.  This DVD will forever change my life and the lives of those around me.  And I can’t wait to keep watching it again and again and continue learning new things each time I see it.

This is the intro and a clip from Disc 2 (Training) from The Way of the Wisdom Within.

See all the clips in higher quality and download them for your iPod by subscribing to the XK Podcast.

Get the DVD’s now at AskYourBody.com

One thought on ““Stay-at-home Mom” Reviews XK Kinesiology Videos

  1. Appreciate the importance of what the body designates as priority.
    I have recently written and published “Tapping In-Healing Yourself One Question at a Time” now available on Amazon. I have found that using kinesiology on myself is what has saved my life.

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