Rebecca Radcliffe’s running commentary on XK Videos

As a successful author, Rebecca Radcliffe is acutely aware of how much an author craves feedback after completing a big project… and of how little is often available.  So, before she wrote her fantastic review of The Way of XK, she sent me a series of “running commentary” emails while she was watching the videos for the first time!  She literally typed her comments while she watched the videos, and emailed them to me in chunks, so I could follow everything she was experiencing in real time.  What a treasure!  I was so taken by her gift that I asked her if I could share her personal commentary on the net.  She said I could, so I gratefully strung all the emails together and posted it below.  Thanks Becky!


The Way of XK Disc 1: "Elements"

XK: The Way of the Wisdom Within


OK…you’ve already impressed me with your opening warnings, and made me laugh about guilt issues, and then wowed my socks off with that rotating XK image that plays on the selection screen!

Love the Leonardo da Vinci image!  Love the graphics of neuro-net, wormhole, computer bytes, northern lights, dancing skeleton–I am typing while I am watching… sorry for the misspelling!!! Wow.  And the narrative that sets it all up is wonderful.

I think the opening about asking the individual for his/her intelligence about how to make life better… the inner perfection… the way to empower… is very clear and a wonderful set-up.

Great treatment cycle explanation–lovely graphics.

Pretty revolutionary—not stopping the cough!!  Asking the body what is best.

Love the explanation of entry & statement that that is the hardest thing we do–to get out of the way.

Nice hand graphics–both photo & black with rainbow.

Nice that you inserted info about going and practicing with scene selections.

Oh boy—you just threw physics terms at us–the zero point energy field–and that we can test anything!! & I love the 20 questions shifted to XK!!  Great molecule image!!  Where did you get the dancing skeleton?!!

And I love the electromagnetic image!! Fabulous!! Did you make all of these?!! Love the hand red against blue sky with level label–beautiful!!

Cool illustration with circles on thumb & arrows across fingers, etc—that was a lot of work, wasn’t it?!!

Are you hating all of this feedback & reaction yet?

JUST LOVE THE FILE SYSTEM SUBMODE EXPLANATION!!!! Oh look at that cool yellow rectangle come up around the heading!! Now purple rectangles!!!  Such a wonderfully clear teaching tool!! Finishing up with green rectangle box!!  Nice chakra graphic, too.

Great to go back and review it all again.  I like the quick sum up of entry which is why and how we treat and why and how we heal. Lovely. We are all in this together.

Super fab!!

Now I am taking break.

Now in Treatment DVD.  Love that you said get out the X-cards & the 3 flip across the screen…So fun. Wow…I forgot about the “more” mode.  And I didn’t know the 3 variations of “more.” And I didn’t know the least accurate info is time…it makes sense. I’ve quit asking about time, actually.  I take stuff once and then just retest–but I live near my boxes….

I like the statement that the body is always working to balance MAINTAINING versus GROWING.  Nice interchange with questioner.  Nice reframe–“Cool!  You are getting rid of that!”  Even nicer…you lead us right into the concept of everything being consciousness and all connected.

Nice clarification of side effects and detoxification, and emotions and detoxification.  Interesting way of creating innocence when mixing up test boxes.  Nice point about double testing results. Again, nice interaction with folks questions.

Nice clarification of overdrive–that was new for me, too. and nice statement about fine tuning vitamins daily if possible.

I loved the statement about the less detail, the more general the treatment and so one could do just as much damage as good.

Love the discussion about judgment.  The judgment about our own feelings/emotions/reactions to life is analagous to the judgment we can have when we treat unless we take ego out of the entry. So I just reminded myself that my daily entry on my life will now be modified to take judgment out. Wow.  That seems so obvious, but I didn’t connect the two before.

Your statement about getting joy, watching someone unfold, no longer fixing problems just made me cry. What incredible people we all are to be willing to be in form and to grow through experience.


In the Third Disc, very nice specifics.  Love the toast section, of course—I use this one with folks.  The specifics for all the treatment modes are fabulous.  And letting go of problems is also revolutionary to the nth degree.  Tears again….

The XK Training DVD’s are available from

Thanks again Becky!


One thought on “Rebecca Radcliffe’s running commentary on XK Videos

  1. That was a fun intro to my running commentary. I could imagine people being intrigued by most of it. A couple of the references would only make sense if they were watching it while reading the commentary. But every set of comments helps people get pulled into something, so I think it’s great that you are using it. hugs, becky

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