Rebecca Radcliffe reviews “The Way of XK”

Rebecca Radcliffe, author of Dance Naked in Your Living Room, gave my Kinesiology Training Videos 5 STARS (out of 5) at

Here’s the full review:

The Way of XK: The Wisdom Within is a Powerful Kinesiology Tool for Healing and Change for Practitioners and Individuals, from December 7, 2009
By R. Radcliffe “Rebecca Radcliffe”

The DVD set, “The Way of XK: The Wisdom Within” with Dr. William Gustafson, blew me away! The premise—that the inner intelligence of the body system can guide the steps of healing and change—is a revolutionary shift away from treating symptoms. It will be welcomed by holistic, structural, and wellness practitioners and individuals who are interested in mind/body health. “The Way of XK: The Wisdom Within” takes us through a step-by-step process of using what Gustafson calls, “XK Kinesiology” to enter a treatment interaction without being inhibited by individual professional bias or judgment and then identify what the patient or client sequentially needs physically, chemically, and emotionally.

XK Kinesiology is based on the premise that the highest consciousness of the patient holds a wisdom that can guide treatment to help facilitate growth in the entire body/mind/emotion system. This simple, yet elegant system of muscle testing can be used by anyone and integrated into any practitioner’s treatment approach. I especially appreciated the reference cards and practice slides provided on the DVD and the wonderful graphics. This is like being in a professional seminar with Dr. Gustafson where I could see him actually apply XK Kinesiology on people and then take questions from practitioners who are learning this process.

I have already tried XK Kinesiology–and have gotten wonderful results identifying nutritional supplements, structural needs, and emotional strategies. It’s like talking to some inner wise part of the body! I’d recommend “The Way of XK: The Wisdom Within” DVD for anyone who wants a highly flexible, powerful system that gets us into deeper layers of treatment.

This is the intro and a clip from Disc 1 Elements.

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